Fields of Thunder Museum
The Fields of Thunder Museum is a privately
owned museum and current viewing is by
Special invitation only. Its main focus is U.S.
Military life of the soldier from the Civil War
through the Spanish American War, with a
special interest on the evolution and
advancement of Artillery through this time frame.
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Fields of Thunder Museum
Anthony Valentino, Director
Message phone (951) 277-2528
Fax (951)277-1927
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The Fields of Thunder Museum is home to one of the nations most impressive collections of firing Antique Artillery. FTM believes one of the best ways to preserve our heritage is to restore these antique artillery pieces to original arsenal specifications. With a highly trained and qualified restoration and preservation staff, we are able to keep our Artillery in “safe” firing order. The A Rich and Varied Historymuseum occasionally demonstrates proper military firing procedures with a selected Artifact.

Preserving and sharing our Nation’s history and Artifacts is an important aspect of keeping our Heritage and much needed Patriotism alive.

Our current “goal” is to move Fields of Thunder Museum from its current private location and house it in a public building. If you would like to help support this Museum so we can reach our “goal” in sharing these Historical Artifacts and continue to teach our valuable Heritage to future generations, you can:

  • Shop in our on-line “STORE”. Proceeds go into the building fund.
  • Make a financial donation for our building fund.
  • Donate or help us find and preserve more artifacts to research, restore (if necessary), and display for educational benefit.
  • If you have a business, volunteer your services or products.

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